Campaign Committee

Charlie Adams

Bonnie and Rob Adler

Majorie and Seth Almansi

Peter Ansett

Bonnie and Arthur Ashman

Jen and Ken Barnes

Erica and Zach Barratt

Robert Bass

Julie and Russell Beitman

Tracy Benton

Andrea and Evan Berkley

Melissa and Doug Bernstein

Karina Saryani Betfarhad

Tom Bloch

Andrea Botur

Grayson Braun

Brandi and David Briggs

Gary Brode

J. Scott Broder

Linda and Iain Bruce

Darren Bruno

Matthew Burris

Jamie Camche

Kim and Canyon Ceman

Lori Church

Leslie Clarke

Claudia and Art Cohen

Chris and Wendy Converse

Susan Cooper

Jim Corgel

Bob Corroon

Otis Crawford

Amanda Dalzell

George Demakis

Steve and Lyn Hogan Diorio

Jay and Molly Alger Dirnberger

Judy Domkowski

Ali Dorfman

Jennifer and Dan Dowd

Martha and Thad Eidman

Martha and Don Ercole

Virginia Ferrari

Lisa Ferrone

Tracy and Doug Fincher

Jim Foster

Jennifer Gabler

Janet and Gilad Gat

Jody and Robert Gelfand

Lynn Gonsor

Christy Goodman

Russell J. Greenberg

Charlie Haberstroh

Gibby Halloran

Deborah and Jon Hammarskjold

Paige and Paul Hammond

Bill Harris

Christopher Healy

Karen and Rob Hess

Liz Heyer

Tom Hood

Maggie Hornung

Ed Hulina

Malvina and Ed Iannone

David Ingber

Jimmy Izzo

Julia Jensen

Andy Jones

Liz and Avi Kaner

Kate and Mike Kirby

Themis Klarides

Jackie and LJ Kolek

Lori and Fletcher Kosut

Norman Kramer

Lavinia Larsson

Helen and Tom Lasersohn

Emily and Lewis Liebert

Kathy and Wayne LoCurto

Susan and Dewey Loselle

John Lovro

Curtis Lueker

Missy and Ted Lunney

Andrea and Steven Lupinacci

Jennie Lupinacci

Rebecca Mace

Jeff Manchester

Roy Marmelo

Mary Ellen and Jim Marpe

Walter Mattera

Ginny and Michael McGovern

Kristin and John McKinney

Monica McNally

Joan and Sam Nevin

Suzanne Tager and Steve Obsitnik

Celia and Ron Offir

Yvonne and Neil Okane

Jon Olefson

Brett Parker

Diane and Steve Parrish

Jill and Mike Pengue

Tammy and John Pincavage

Jeff Pirkl

Betsy Pollak

MacKenzie and Tom Pretty

John Puskar

Jessica and Jordan Reed

Scott Reichhelm

Lisa and Dominic Rispoli

Gerald Romano

Robert Russo

Stephanie and Tom Ryan

Steven and Rita Ryder

Hy Saporta

Phil Schemel

Scott Serels

Claudia and Paul Shaum

Cliff Sirlin

Jeannie Smith

Franchon and Gloria Smithson

Karen and Mike Speller

Karen and Toly Spheeris

Lynn Stack

Christie and Eric Stanger

September and Bryon Stevens

Elise and Rob Stone

Patti and Ed Strauss

Denise and Chris Tait

Tara Tesoriero

Chrissy and Chris Toeplitz

Mary and Rick Towers

Jaime Walsh

Neil Wessan

Sue and Jim Westphal

Lorraine and Tim Wetmore

Julie and Jim Whamond

Kevin White

Jack Whittle

Lizzie and Jim Wolf

Janet Wolgast

Pete Wolgast

Liz Wong

Terrie Wood

Patrizia Zucaro