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Westport's Leadership During Covid

Why We're Running

Westport is fortunate to have a local government that is responsive to the needs of residents, accountable to taxpayers, and dedicated to the safety and wellness of our community. We are proud to have helped lead our town during the past decade and support our businesses and residents as they continue to navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic.

With our world-class schools, steady tax rates, and excellent amenities, Westport has been a true success story that has attracted new homeowners and employers. Our deep experience and proven track record position us well to build on these achievements and raise Westport to new heights. With innovative ideas and practical plans to implement our proposals, we will boost our local economy, enhance our Town amenities and infrastructure, and foster a greater sense of community and belonging for all our residents and business owners.

We ask for your support as candidates for Board of Selectmen because our team delivers Proven Leadership and a Fresh Perspective for Westport’s future. 



Westport, Connecticut

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